Complete equipment

Lighting fast wireless or even ethernet connection. Printer and scanner, all the neccessery office equipment. Anything really that you would need in a coworking office.

Office for rent

Shared office with friendly environment in a bright and shared coworking office in Budakeszi, 2 minutes away from Budapest. 

Book a meeting room

Our meeting room has a maximum capacity of 6 people. It is completely separated, so noone will disturb your meeting.

Work at us is great.

*our opinion:

Improved performance

The bright and inspiring office always acts positively to the performance. Not to mention the tasty coffee...

Esős ablak, kiváló közlekedés - Shared Office Buda - coworking iroda Budakeszin

Unique environment

Coworking office in Budakeszi, more peaceful environment than the buzz of the City. In this shared office you can focus on work indeed. 

Laptop, világos iroda, egyedi körülmények - Shared Office Buda - coworking iroda Budakeszin

Great location

Shared office 2 minutes from Budapest, 10 minutes from  M1/M7 speedway with plenty of parking lots in the nearby.

Laptop, mobiltelefon, irodai dolgozó, hatékony munkavégzés - Shared Office Buda - coworking iroda Budakeszin

Work at us is great

*your. opinion:

Komoróczy Laura

Freelance UI/UX designer

Homely, friendly environment. Due to the many green plants indoors and the gently shining sun, it provides a very healthy working environment. I can only recommend. :)

Kaiser Petra


High-quality service, well-equipped, suitable for office work, in a pleasant environment.

Tóth Mihály

Freelance web developer

Awesome, well-equipped office. The office is always bright and helps me to approach my current challenges with creative mindset. I love working here, especially when I need a little inspiration.

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